2019/20 Rent Consultation Newsletter

2019/20 Rent Consultation Newsletter

We have again asked Research Resource, an independent research company, to carry out a telephone survey for us on the proposed increase. The survey will run from Monday 21st January to Friday 8th February. Research Resource will randomly select 200 tenants for the survey – this represents around 23% of our tenants. The telephone survey will be confidential and if you want to, you can remain anonymous if contacted, however it would be helpful if you could disclose your name and address so that your name and response can be reported back to us with any comments you may have.

If you want to be involved in this survey, and you haven’t been contacted by the researchers, you can call Research Resource direct on 0800 121 8987 or email info@researchresource.co.uk from 21st January. Please note that some calls may be made early in the evening and over the weekend. The rent consultation doesn’t cover increases in service charges. If you pay a service charge we will consult you separately on this.

The annual consultation on your rent charge is really important. When you think through what our proposed rent increase means for you, please consider the following questions carefully:

Given what you know about how much it costs to rent a similar property in the private rented sector, do you think that the rent increase represents value for money?

Do you think that your rent is affordable?

Are you satisfied with the level of consultation and information you receive on the annual rent increase?

If you can, please spare 10 minutes to participate in the telephone survey and tell us your thoughts on the proposed rent increase. In addition to the telephone survey, we will be holding an Open Day in the office on Friday 25th January when senior staff will be available to speak to you about the proposed increase. Please feel free to drop into the office between 9.30am and noon, or between 1pm and 4pm.

The results of the survey and tenant discussions with staff at the Open Day will be fed back to the Association’s Board. This will allow them to consider the responses before finalising the increase for 2019/20. You will receive a rent review letter before the end of February confirming your rent (and any service charge you have to pay) from 29 March 2019

You can find the full tenant consultation newsletter on the 2019/20 rent increase Here


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