We recently consulted on a review of our Common Housing Allocations Policy, which is a common policy with Renfrewshire Council and 4 other local housing associations (Linstone HA, Paisley HA and Williamsburgh HA). The revised Policy will come into effect on 1 May 2019. 

While the majority of the Policy is the same in terms of the housing needs we recognize and give priority for, there are a few differences. Some of these have been introduced by new legislation, and other changes were felt to be necessary to operate the policy in a fairer way. We all operate a ‘Groups plus Priority’ policy, where all housing applications are placed in a group and given a level of priority which reflects their assessed housing need. Priority A is for Critical Need, Priority B is for Urgent Need, Priority C is for Moderate Need, and Priority D is for no housing need. A ‘plus’ priority is given for additional assessed housing needs.

The policy review introduces some changes to the policy, as detailed below:

Group 1 Statutory Homeless No change
Group 2 Mobility Applicants This group includes both direct applicants and transfer applicants, including those with no assessed need
Group 3 Housing Need

Includes applicants with assessed need only

Excludes transfer applicants

Group 3 General Applicants

Includes applicants with both assessed need and no assessed need

Excludes transfer applicants

Group 4 Transfer Applicants

Includes applicants with assessed need only

No change
Group 5

All applicants with no priority

Group 5

Transfer applicants with no priority


What will this mean for you?

Simply, if you are not a Bridgewater tenant and are currently in Group 5, you will be moved to Group 3. All other groups will not change.


Changes to some of the housing needs we recognise in our Policy

All of the partners reviewed the housing needs that we give priority to in our policy. The changes that are being introduced are as follows:

  • Priority A for Relationship Breakdown, where someone cannot stay at home. This priority will be removed from the policy. These applications will be dealt with through Group1 statutory homeless procedures.
  • Priority B & C for Sharing facilities – our policy no longer gives priority for this. Applicants who currently have priority for this may have their priority reduced following re-assessment under the policy review.
  • Priority B for Taking up and staying in employment – this is now Priority C.
  • Priority B & C will now be given to social housing tenants (council and housing association) who are considered to be under-occupying their home.
  • Priority C for living in a private rented flat with a short assured tenancy without a date to leave, has been removed from the policy.



We are also undertaking the annual review of our housing waiting list. It is important that you let us know if you want to remain on our list, so please make sure that you follow the instructions on the enclosed Applicant Update Form. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your waiting list application.

You can view the Renfrewshire Common Housing Allocations Policy as well as the as Bridgewater Housing Association’s addendum to the policy.

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