Free online learning course – Digital Promotion for Business

Free online learning course – Digital Promotion for Business

The nationally accredited NCFE Level 2 Digital Promotion for Business
course is fully funded – which means you pay nothing – it is completed
through Distance Online Learning of approximately 8 weeks and is
available to any Adult in Scotland aged 16 and over.

The course consists of the following units:

Digital Promotion for Business
Understanding Search Engine Optimisation for Business
Coordinating the use of Digital Media for Business
Coordinating Offline and Digital Media for Business
Producing Digital Promotional Content for Business
Emergent Digital Techniques
Understanding Social Media
Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Promotional Activity for Business

Units take approximately 1 hour each to complete. The course needs to
be fully completed within a 6 month period.  Each unit contains the
learning material, a test my Knowledge quiz and an assessment document
containing 5 short questions that you need to answer.

The online course is easy to use and simple to follow and learning can
take place at a learner’s own leisure. So all you need to decide now
is whether you are interested in furthering your career, enhancing
your job prospects or wish to aid your company in being more

There are only 3 key requirements in order to be eligible for the full
funding of the course:

Learner must be over 16 years of age &
Must be a resident of Scotland & have resided within any EU country
over the last 3 years
It’s also require for you to commit to completing just the first unit of
the course within the first 5 days of receiving your log

You can apply to the course with the link below.


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