The Association has recently reviewed its Repairs and Maintenance Policy, which has been in operation for almost four years. We have made a few relatively minor changes to it because we think it’s been working well and we will be asking Bridgewater’s Board to approve the policy towards the end of March. But of course what really matters is what our customers think because. We know from a recent survey that of all the services we provide, 81% of tenants’ say that repairs and maintenance is the most important to them. In 2019 customer satisfaction with the repairs service was recorded as 93.59%, which is good but we know almost room for improvement.

These are the things we’ve made changes to:

  • Added an ‘Extended Routine Repairs’ category for repairs that cannot be completed within 10 days because components have to be manufactured, like external doors and double glazing units.
  • We have clarified our lettable standards i.e. the standard a house or flat is in when a tenancy starts and when its handed back to us.
  • We have clarified how we will operate our waiting list for medical adaptations.
  • We have recommitted Bridgewater to the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Repairs Charter.

If you want to read the policy in full, please type click here.

If there’s anything you want to tell us about the policy please use the contact page, or email us at or phone us on 0141 812 2237 and then select Option 1. If you can provide us with your comments by 12th March we will ensure that they are taken into consideration before the new policy is approved.