Domestic Abuse Policy Consultation

Domestic Abuse Policy Consultation

The Association’s Board will be asked to approve a Domestic Abuse Policy designed to support victims of domestic abuse.

The draft policy has been developed and sets out our approach to dealing with cases of domestic abuse. We want to ensure that the policy provides a framework for us to deal with incidents of domestic abuse within our community.

The policy will aim to achieve the appropriate balance between taking firm action and considering the wishes of survivors, and ensuring they are at the heart of our approach. Any tenant who is suffering domestic abuse can contact the Association for help, advice and support. We will treat any report with sensitivity and with the best interests of the victim in mind.

Where appropriate the Association will also work with the Police and other external agencies in dealing with perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the draft domestic abuse policy please contact your Housing Officer, on Tel No: 0141 812 2237 or email to by close of business on Friday 17th September 2021

The draft policy can be found here.

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