Performance Inspection

The Associations last Performance Inspection was in the year 2009/2010.

The inspection was carried out by the Scottish Housing Regulator under section 69 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 on behalf of Scottish Ministers.  The purpose of the Inspection was to provide an independent external assessment of the effectiveness of housing service delivery, and make recommendations to help improvement.

In carrying out the Inspection, the Scottish Housing Regulator asked two key questions of Bridgewater:

  • How good are the services being inspected?
  • How well are these services being managed for improvement?

The Scottish Housing Regulator awarded the Association a B grade overall.  This represents a good performance.

Overall the Regulator’s assessment is that Bridgewater has many strengths and some weaknesses.  The Association delivers accessible and good quality services, reports consistently high levels of tenant satisfaction and works with its customers to improve its services.  It has a good awareness of where it needs to improve, is making progress on developing its new corporate strategy and was very responsive to the regulator’s feedback during the inspection.

The Association is pleased with the outcome of the inspection and has been working during the year to address the weaknesses in our corporate planning which the Regulator identified.

Please click here to download performance inspection report for 2009-2010