Our Staff

Here you’ll find some information about our key staff members who are on hand to assist you.

Senior Leadership Team

Andy Thomson
Andy Thomson Chief Executive Officer
Scott Currie Head of Corporate Services
Steven Ferrie
Steven Ferrie Head of Property Services
Ruth Brogan
Ruth Brogan Head of Housing Services
Angie Kennedy
Angie Kennedy Head of Finance

Housing Services Team

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Housing Service Manager
Catherine McAnerney
Catherine McAnerney Customer Services Assistant
Myra Buchanan
Myra Buchanan Housing Officer
Andy McLean Customer Engagement Assistant
Megan McQuade
Megan McQuade Housing Officer

Property Services

Lyndsey Louden
Lyndsey Louden Maintenance Coordinator
Stevie Smeaton
Steven Smeaton Maintenance Officer
Jenna Eastwood
Jenna Eastwood Property Maintenance Assistant
Sharon Holmes
Sharon Holmes Property Maintenance Assistant
Josephine Gibson
Josephine Gibson Property Services Manager
Barry Thompson
Barry Thomson Property Maintenance Officer

Accounts and Finance

Alison Smeaton 2
Alison Smeaton Finance Officer
Nicola Paterson
Nicola Paterson Finance Assistant
Fiona Craig
Fiona Craig Finance Administrator

Corporate Services

Lesley Carr Officer Administrator
Stephen McGinley - new
Stephen McGinley ICT Manager

Customer Portal

Thank you for your interest in our customer portal. Whilst its not quite ready yet, our portal is coming soon. If you’d like to be involved in testing it out, please register your interest below.

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