What We Do

Bridgewater Housing Association is a “not for profit” charitable social enterprise which provides housing and services at an affordable price to people on low incomes.  We are a membership organisation and each member receives one share in the Association which allows them to participate in the running of the organisation.  Any “profits” which are made by the organisation are re-invested in the properties which we own and the services which we provide.

The organisation is governed by a Board of Trustees who are volunteers and who are not paid.  They come from all walks of life but have one thing in common and that is that they either live in Erskine or have an interest in it.  Anyone who is a member of the Association can become a Director of the organisation and play a more involved part in the running of the Association.

The origins of the Association, lie in the development of Government Housing Policy during the 1980s when it was decided that Scottish Homes should transfer all of its properties either to existing Housing Associations or to new ones.  Consequently in December 1997 tenants of Scottish Homes voted overwhelmingly in a ballot to transfer the ownership and management of their homes to Bridgewater Housing Association – a new organisation established by local people for this purpose.

On 15 April 1998 some 946 homes and 499 lock up garages, together with the ownership of and responsibility for maintaining substantial areas of “common land” and other spaces was transferred to Bridgewater Housing Association.  All of the former Scottish Homes staff were transferred as well as their offices and other obligations and the Association became the Feu Superior to around 2400 owner occupiers and the Factor to a further 150 owners living in the flats.

Today Bridgewater manages around 851 social rented properties, together with 500 lock up garages and provides a factoring service to nearly 2700 owner occupiers, including looking after the equivalent of 40 full size football pitches in common environmental maintenance, as well as a management service to tenants of other organisations living out with Erskine.

The Association provides a range of accommodation and services for families, single people, the elderly and disabled people.  We provide, under contract to Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Councils, the Care and Repair Service for all three of these local authorities and we provide, under contract to Renfrewshire Council a Housing Support Service to 95 sheltered tenants.

Customer Portal

Thank you for your interest in our customer portal. Whilst its not quite ready yet, our portal is coming soon. If you’d like to be involved in testing it out, please register your interest below.

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