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Advice For Customers about Frost Precautions

Advice For Customers about Frost Precautions

Advice for Customers about Frost Precautions 

Don’t get caught out this winter

Freezing weather affects all of us, including our relatives, friends and neighbours, and particularly older and vulnerable people in our community.

Looking after the houses and flats we live in is also important, especially when the weather cold, so we’re taking this opportunity to provide some winter weather advice to all our customers.

In these difficult times it’s easy to forget to take some simple precautions to get us through spells of cold weather, especially when we’re already taking so many precautions because of the pandemic. Here’s a few tips, recommendations and some important numbers to keep handy:

Keep Yourself Warm

Try to keep your home reasonably warm day and night. Wearing several layers of thin clothing made with wool, cotton, or fleecy synthetic materials is better than wearing one thick layer of clothes.

If you’re an older or vulnerable person and it does turn really cold, try and eat at least one hot meal a day and sip hot drinks throughout the day. It’s important for you to be as active as possible if you can be. Spreading household chores throughout the day is a good way to stay mobile. Remember to stock up on food and other essentials in case it’s too cold to go to the shops for a few days.

Get a flu jab if your doctor recommends it.

Let us know if you think your heating is not warming up your house enough or if you’re feeling any cold draughts. It’s better to sort these things out now rather than when it gets really cold. Someone in our Technical Department will be happy to assist you.

Before the Freezing Weather Arrives…

  1. Find out where your stop valve is located. This is the stop cock fitted to the pipe that brings water into your home. It’s often located under the kitchen sink, but not always.
  2. Remember to keep this newsletter handy – it has our main telephone number and our Emergency Contractors’ numbers.
  3. If you have any pipework that you think should be insulated, please let the Association’s technical department know and we will check this out for you as soon as we can.
  4. If you have an external tap, turn off the water supply to it (it should be fitted with its own stop cock) and open the tap and let any water drain out.

If You Get a Burst Pipe

  1. Turn off the water at the stop valve
  2. Switch off the electricity at the mains
  3. Switch off any electrical water heaters, like immersers
  4. Switch off central heating systems
  5. Open all taps to sinks and  bath to let the water drain away
  6. If possible, collect water in the bath for flushing the toilet and for washing
  7. Call our office during working hours on 0141 812 2237 or use the emergency call out number 0333 320 2322 when the office is closed.
  8. Warn any neighbours who might be affected by leaks.

If Your Pipes Get Frozen Up

  1. Turn off the water at the stop valve
  2. Open all taps to sinks, basins and bath if you have one
  3. If possible, collect water in the bath for flushing the toilet and for washing
  4. Raise the temperature in the house gradually using your central heating system.
  5. Call us if you are still having problems, especially leaks.

Scottish Water

If you suspect that your home, or a nearby home is affected by a burst water main outside, or if your water appears to be dirty when it comes out the tap, please contact Scottish Water’s helpline on: 0800 0778 778

Central Heating

It is a good idea to leave your heating system on during the night, even at a low setting.

Are You Insured?

We don’t want to alarm you but fires and floods do happen and can affect anyone at any time. Have you insured your own property against these risks? Tenants and other customers with no household insurance could be facing financial disaster if they don’t have insurance. Our advice is to check your insurance policy to make sure your own possessions are covered. If you don’t have insurance cover we would strongly recommend that you arrange this as soon as possible.


Whether you are in the house or not, you are responsible for it and may have to pay for damage done by frost if it could have been avoided.

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