Bridgewater Housing Association Ltd

Rent Arrears

It can be difficult to talk about debt, however, if your rent payments are not up to date, and your rent account is in arrears, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Our Housing Officers are here to help you get your payments back on track and to offer you advice if you have other debts.

It is important that you pay your arrears as soon as you can, and if you need to make an arrangement to make payments over a period of time, we will set up a reasonable repayment arrangement with you.

You should be aware, however, that if you do not keep to your arrangement, court action could be taken against you, and you could lose your home.

Click here to download our Arrears Policy.

Customer Portal

Thank you for your interest in our customer portal. Whilst its not quite ready yet, our portal is coming soon. If you’d like to be involved in testing it out, please register your interest below.

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