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Online Newsletter – December 2021

Online Newsletter – December 2021

December 2021

Bridgewater’s landscape maintenance contractor Idverde has begun work onsite throughout our four management areas on the scheduled winter works programme. Works in the winter programme include pruning, hard sweeping, leaf collections (2), winter tree maintenance and gritting. They have progressed well and works have commenced in three of our four management areas on the Winter prune while keeping on top of other issues such as leaf collection. At the same time they are dealing with other repairs and all the other day to day tasks involved in keeping our four Management Areas tidy.

Temperatures in October and November were higher than normal, which has extended the growing season. The contractor is continuing to deal with an overgrowth of weeds which have proved resistant to tried and tested herbicides. They have taken advice on this and have put measures in place to deal with the weeds with a more appropriate solution. They will continue to tackle this issue throughout the winter months while clearing weeds from shrub beds, by hand if necessary, during pruning works.

The Clerk of Works continues to monitor progress throughout the estate and carries out quality control inspections, rain or shine, on a weekly basis, including assessing the condition of trees, instructing remedial works, fencing repairs, looking at local surface water problems, and a wide range of landscaping issues. Although grass cutting is not carried out during the winter months the Clerk of Works is busy monitoring the winter aspects of the contract. Below are some photographs of the works progressing in respect of the Winter pruning programme in Bargarran, North Barr and Park Mains 2. Works in Park Mains 1 will recommence when Idverde return from the festive break.

A number of residents have made enquiries about the period that our contractor was obliged to stop working during April and most of May 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government. The contractor would normally have been particularly busy at this stage of the growing season, however the amount of growth that occurred as a result of the suspension of work left all areas of our estates severely overgrown. Significant additional resources had to be deployed for many weeks to restore the landscaping to a condition that would allow normal cyclical maintenance to resume. Unfortunately, the reduction in costs due to the suspension of work in April and May was largely offset by the additional resources that had to be deployed over the remainder of the growing season to regain control of the landscaping.

A lot of work goes into keeping the estates tidy, well maintained and free of any situation that may be hazardous to residents. The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to make this challenging for everyone and we are grateful for the efforts being made by our contractor and the patience and understanding of residents.
It is important to note that our landscaped areas are not suitable to be used as play spaces, or for ball games or similar recreational activities. We would also ask residents who carry out improvements and repairs to their own gardens or houses to avoid leaving materials on common landscaped areas and to avoid causing any damage. If you are aware that this may be happening, please let us know.

Did you know we have digital maps of our four management areas online? These show all the paths, car parks and landscaped areas that Bridgewater is responsible for and can be accessed using the link to the owner’s page of our website – The areas we maintain are colour coded. Any paths, roads, landscaping etc that are not coloured in are likely to be the responsibility of Renfrewshire Council. We take numerous calls from residents about the poor condition of roads and footpaths but the vast majority of these are the Council’s responsibility. Factored owners will know from the factoring bills they have received over the past few years that Bridgewater has been carrying out widespread resurfacing and repair work throughout our estates which has substantially improved their condition and appearance. We pass on information given to us by residents to the council as appropriate but we have no influence over how and when they respond.

We welcome feedback from all our residents and if you have any questions in relation to the contract please email or by calling the office on 0141 812 2237 and choosing the Factoring option. Please note that Bridgewater’s Factoring Services team do not deal with enquiries about lock-ups. If you would like to speak to someone about renting a lock-up, or terminating an existing lease, please call the above number and choose the Housing option.

Our office will be closing to the public on Friday 24th December 2021 at 12 noon and will reopen on Thursday 6th January 2022.
If you have an enquiry please contact us by email and we will respond on our return. We wish all our residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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Park Mains 2

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