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Owner’s August Newsletter 2021

Owner’s August Newsletter 2021

August 2021

Bridgewater’s contractor Idverde has been working onsite throughout our four management areas during this financial year.  They have progressed well carrying out the Summer prune while keeping on top of other issues such as weeds, grass cutting and dealing with other repairs such as drainage issues, repairing fencing and all the other day to day tasks involved in keeping our four Management Areas tidy.

Many residents will recall that our landscape maintenance activities had to be halted completely for a significant period during the first Covid-19 lockdown.  The Scottish Government’s guidelines at the time categorised landscape maintenance as non-essential work therefore work had to stop.  Unfortunately this coincided with the start of the growing season so it wasn’t long before the common grassed areas became seriously overgrown and weeds were growing out of control on pathways and in shrub beds.  The start of the shrub and hedge pruning also had to be delayed leading to excessive growth.  We know many residents became concerned at how unsightly the estates became and the sheer scale of the work that would be needed to return them to the high standards our customers expect.  This was an enormous task and we are grateful to Idverde for committing the significant extra personnel, materials and machinery that was needed to get things back on track in very difficult circumstances.

It was brought to our attention that a Renfrewshire Council subcontractor sprayed weed killer within Bridgewater landscaped areas, leaving grass edges looking burnt and unsightly.  We have been in touch with the council to advise of this damage and they have assured us that they have spoken to their contractor and this will not happen again.

The contractor has also been very busy dealing with an overgrowth of weeds which have proved resistant to any of their tried and tested herbicides.  They have taken advice on this and have put measures in place to deal with the weeds with a more appropriate solution.

The Clerk of Works continues to monitor progress throughout the estate and has continued with quality control inspections on a weekly basis, and also assessing the condition of trees, remedial works, fencing repairs and a whole range of landscaping issues.  Below are some photographs of the works progressing throughout the four management areas currently.

A lot of work goes into keeping the management areas tidy, well maintained and free of any situation that may be hazardous to residents.  It is important to note that our landscaped areas are not suitable to be used as play spaces or for ball games and similar activities.  Residents are encouraged to use the bins provided to dispose of litter and dog waste to help maintain the areas for the enjoyment of everyone.

We welcome feedback from all our residents and if you have any questions in relation to the contract please contact or by calling the office on 0141 812 2237.

Please Don't Feed the Birds

It can be tempting to leave food out for birds, particularly when the weather gets colder, but it can create problems for other residents. Wild birds like crows and seagulls, and even feral pigeons soon catch on to where and when food is being left out regularly. They will find a perch to sit, wait and watch and then fly down when the well-minded resident puts out bread and scraps. They may also create nests in nearby roofs if they believe there will be a regular food source available.

Unfortunately, the ‘perches’ they use are often window sills, gutters and railings where they leave droppings for other residents to clear up. There are also animal welfare concerns too. Often food left out for birds are leftovers, like stale bread, which can be harmful to some species and can also encourage vermin like rats, cockroaches and even foxes. We would always discourage this and recommend the use of bird nut dispensers in nearby woodland for example, to help wild birds get through the winter. We would ask all residents to refrain from leaving out scraps and leftovers.

If you want to help birds at various times of the year there’s some excellent advice and information available at The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ website, which can be found at:

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