Other Payments

Swipe Card Payments

Tenants can use Allpay swipe cards to pay their rent.

Your swipe card gives you the freedom to pay your house rent or garage rent at a wide range of retail outlets including any Post Office, Pay Point outlets free of charge. It also enables you to make payments when the office is closed as a number of these outlets are opened late in the evening or on Sunday’s.

There are at least four outlets in Erskine, the Spar & Post Office at Bargarran Shopping Centre, Mitchell’s the Butchers at Bridgewater Shopping Centre and the Post Office atĀ Mains DriveĀ and participating payment outlets can be found throughout the country.

If you want to make a payment using your card, simply take your card along to one of these outlets. Take it to the counter together with your payment and you will then be given a printed receipt as proof of payment which your should keep in a safe place.

If you rent both a house and a garage you should have a separate Swipe Card for each. Each Swipe Card has a unique number which links to the relevant tenant number.

Allpay have introduced a new mobile phone application available to download from the Apple App Store and the Android Market for customers’ Apple or Android smartphone. You will need an Allpay card to download the app and use the service. If you do not have an Allpay card, contact our office on 0141 812 2237 and we will arrange to send you one

If your rent is paid by Housing Benefit, this will not change. We will continue to receive Housing Benefit Payments on your behalf from Renfrewshire Council.