Properties & Tenancies

We have a low turnover of empty properties with around only 50 becoming available for re-let each year. This figure includes our sheltered and extra care properties, which leaves  around 30 general needs properties for let.

All of our properties are in high demand (with the exception of some of our sheltered flats)  and our housing  lists are long. At June 2013, 750 people were on our housing list. This means that we will not, unfortunately, be able to re-house the majority of people who would like a house from us, and generally only applicants with a high level of priority will be offered housing.

New tenants will be required to sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST) Agreement or Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.  This is a legal contract between the tenant and Bridgewater as landlord. It sets out the terms and conditions under which tenants rent their homes from us.