How to Apply for Housing

If you would like to apply to us for housing, please download all of the documents below, which make up our application pack. If you would prefer to ‘phone or email us, please provide us with your  name and postal address and we will arrange for an application pack to be posted out to you. Alternatively, you can call into the office to collect your pack. Please return your completed application form to the Association’s office.

Separate packs are available for general needs, sheltered and Extra Care Housing, so please ask for the pack that you need. More information on these types of housing can be found on the page on ‘Support Needs’.

Application packs can be made available in other languages or in large print if required.

If you need help to fill in your application form, or would like to meet with our Housing Assistant to talk about your application or find out more about your prospects of being  re-housed, please ‘phone or email the office to set up an appointment. Appointments are generally held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Once we receive your completed application form, we we will send you an acknowledgement, to let you know that we have received it.

We will then assess your application in line with our Allocations Policy and will write to you the Group your application is in, and Priority it has been given.

Application Packs available to download. Please note that the below files download as PDF documents.

General Needs Application Items
How to fill in your form
General needs application form
General Application Information

Sheltered Application Items

Extra Care Application Items