Neighbour Problems

The Association expects that residents can live alongside each other in a peaceful manner, without nuisance or annoyance from neighbours. Your tenancy agreement states that you, those living with you, and your visitors, must not harass or act in an antisocial manner towards any person in the neighbourhood.

There may be occasions, however, when you have a disagreement with your neighbour. Noisy late night parties, loud music or household appliances being used at night can be annoying. If a problem arises, it is usually best to try and  sort it out yourself by having a quiet word with the neighbour concerned. You may not find it easy, but if you stay calm, and remain polite, the chances are you will get a sympathetic hearing. However, if this approach fails, or you believe it would be pointless to try, you should contact your Housing Officer. You can also report antisocial behaviour to Renfrewshire Council’s Nuisance Helpline (freephone 0800 169 1283  – 9.00am to 10.00pm) or the Police (phone 999 for an emergency, 101 for non emergencies).

The nature and seriousness of the problem will determine how your complaint is dealt with. We will try to keep you advised at all stages  as we progress your complaint.

In some instances, it may be  necessary to involve Renfrewshire Council’s Mediation Team or their Antisocial Investigations Team (ASIST).

The Association will not tolerate antisocial  behaviour or harassment against residents, visitors, our employees, members of our Board, agents and contractors  and those in your house. If, after investigation, either party involved in a dispute is found to be in breach of their tenancy conditions, the Association may  take legal action, which could lead to an Order for Recovery of Possession or an Antisocial Behaviour Order being pursued.

The Association will also taken steps to remove any graffiti, which is of a racist, sexual or religious nature, from any of the Association’s premises.

Click here to download our Neighbourhood disputes and anti social behaviour policy