Support Needs

Some people need more than just a house, they need support to help them live at home.

We have 3 Sheltered Housing Developments at Blantyre Court in Bargarran, Cullen in North Barr and Mains Drive/Mains Hill in Park Mains. Our sheltered properties are mostly 1 or 2 bedroom flats on either ground or 1st floor. We also have a small number of 2 bedroom bungalows which are suitable for wheelchair users.

Applicants generally need to be aged 60 or over and be able to benefit significantly from our sheltered housing  support service. There are many advantages from  living in sheltered housing such as peace of mind from having help from the Housing Support Officer  (or call centre in an emergency), security and good quality housing.

We also have 2 Extra Care Housing Developments – Robertson House in North Barr and Clayson House in Bargarran.

Both developments are ‘Extra Care Housing’, which is very sheltered housing with the provision of additional care and support services. It’s aim is to provide older people with their own home, so that they continue to live independently with any care and support that they need coming directly to them. Applicants should normally be aged 60 or over, and have a clear need for the extra support services that these facilities provide.

Robertson and Clayson House offer good quality housing, forming part of a complex with additional communal facilities; provision of meals; and a 24 hour care and support service.

We have a limited number of properties which have been built or adapted for people who use wheelchairs. Some tenants may require their homes to be adapted in some way because they, or a member of their family are disabled or in poor health. Adaptations may be undertaken where an Occupational Therapist has carried out an assessment and makes a referral to us for adaptations to be carried out.