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By the end of October the Association will be publishing its Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter for the period 2017/18.  This is the document that you receive each year from us and which forms part of the annual Diary, (and sometimes contains the Association’s rules).

The Charter helps to improve the quality and value of the services that social landlords provide and supports the Scottish Government’s long term aim of creating a safer and stronger Scotland.

Outcome 14 and 15 of the Charter Talks about Rents and Service charges and places a requirement for social landlords to consult with their customers about publishing expenditure above certain thresholds so for example some Associations publish expenditure on their web site of items and works which costs over £500 or £1000 etc

A number of years ago we asked our tenants whether they would find this information useful.  However there was no appetite for it.  Nevertheless, we are asking again whether you think you would find it useful for the Association to publish information about our expenditure above certain thresholds and if so how much do you think the threshold should be.

If you would like to respond, please fill out the contact form below.

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