Emergency Information

Repairs should be reported to the Association staff either in person at our office, by e-mail or by telephoning during office hours. If you have an emergency repair outwith office hours, you should contact one of the emergency phone numbers:

NOVUS PROPERTY SOLUTIONS – 01506 637 643. For all repairs except gas heating or hot water systems.

GAS SURE – 01294 468113. For all gas heating or hot water repairs.

If you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak:

  • Phone Transco immediately on: 0800 111 999
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t use naked flames
  • Don’t turn electric switches on or off
  • Open windows and doors to get rid of the gas

If you have a power cut:

  • Phone Scottish Power on: 0800 092 9290

If you have a power card or gas card meter, remember to check that you have credit in the meter in case your supply has been cut off before you tell us that something is wrong.

Please note that residents who contact the emergency out of hours contractors with a non emergency repair (i.e. a repair which could wait until normal office opening hours) may be charged for the cost of the call-out.