How to Report a Repair

Repairs should be reported to the Association staff either in person at our office, by e-mail or by telephoning during office hours. If you have an emergency repair outwith office hours, you should contact one of the emergency phone numbers included in the Emergency Information section of this website.

Repairs Categories & Priorities

Repairs are categorised, depending on the seriousness of the repair. These categories are explained below.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are those where there is a hazard to life, a safety hazard or the potential for more extensive damage to your property, and should be responded to within 4 hours and services restored within 24 hours. Examples of emergency repairs are as follows:

  • Board over window
  • Choked W.C.
  • Burst Pipe
  • Loss of heating or hot water
  • No Close Lights
  • Loss of all lighting
  • No Power to all sockets
  • Make Safe Roof
  • Water penetration into building

Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs are those where inconvenience to the tenant is involved but where the situation falls short of the “emergency” category described above, and should be completed within 3 working days. Examples of urgent repairs are as follows:

  • Repair to Door Entry
  • Reglaze Door/Window
  • Service/Repair Door Locks
  • Service/Repair Windows
  • Repair Common Lighting
  • Replace Light Fitting
  • Replace Socket
  • Service/Repair Smoke Alarm
  • Repair to Overflow
  • Repair to Cistern
  • Replace WC Bowl
  • Repair Roof

Routine Repairs

Routine repairs cover all other repairs and will be carried out in the following timescales:

Routine 1 (electrical work, plumber work, glazing) within 10 working days.

Routine Extended (brickwork, joiner work) within 20 working days.

Examples of routine repairs are as follows:

  • Replace Bath
  • Rewasher Taps
  • Internal Pass Door Repair
  • Replace Door Facings
  • Replace Skirting
  • Replace Double Glazed Unit
  • Renew Window
  • Repairs to brickwork or render
  • Repair kitchen units

Cyclical Maintenance

Cyclical maintenance covers work carried out to properties only at pre-determined intervals and is work of a preventative nature, e.g. gutter cleaning, central heating maintenance, roof inspection and repair, environmental maintenance, common paintwork etc.