Updated information regarding our Grounds Maintenance Contractor



On 30th May 2017, Land Engineering (Scotland) Ltd, the company that delivers grounds maintenance services on behalf of Bridgewater, for the benefit of tenants and factored owners, was placed in administration.

A nation-wide company, idverde UK Ltd (pronounced eye-dee-verdi), has acquired elements of Land Engineering’s business, these being: grounds maintenance, responsive works and Winter Services. As part of this acquisition, the Land Engineering staff who had been delivering our services have been retained by the new company. This will mean that for the foreseeable future the landscape maintenance work will continue to be delivered by the same teams that we have worked with for many years.

In the coming months you should not notice any significant difference, with the same workforce arriving with the same vans and uniforms. In due course the company branding will change to idverde Scotland, but this will take some time.

We provide below some information about idverde Ltd. The company have assured us that they are committed to working with us, and our residents, to demonstrate the quality of service offered by idverde.

Information about idverde

  • idverde is Europe’s largest term services and landscape construction company, with operations throughout the UK and France. The UK part of the business was formed in 1919 with this year being the 98th year of trading.
  • The company employs over 5,000 with around 2,300 in the UK.
  • Services include: grounds maintenance, arboriculture, responsive works, winter services, landscape construction and parks management.
  • Some of the company’s prestigious clients include the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Royal Parks at Regents Park in London, as well as winning over 88 BALI awards since 1991 (British Association of Landscape Industries).
  • The company is already operating in Scotland, with trading principally in Aberdeen & Dundee.
  • Please take a look at the company’s website for further information:: idverde.co.uk


Car Park and Footpath Resurfacing/Repair Contract

Residents will know that we have been carrying out a separate contract to resurface and repair footpaths, and to re-line car parks in many areas within our estates and Land Engineering was also the main contractor for this contract. idverde have confirmed that they will also be taking over this contract.. There are currently some footpaths where work has been left incomplete and we have been assured by idverde that these will be dealt with as soon as possible and then the remaining parts of the contract will be completed. In the meantime regular inspections will continue to take place to ensure that residents and visitors are not put at risk.


If you have anything you would like to ask about either of the contracts, please contact our Factoring Officer, Ian Munro, to discuss.

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