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CLOSEDWe reopen on Friday 6th December 2019 at 1:00 pm. For emergency repairs, please visit the repairs section.


Bridgewater Housing Association is a provider of social housing and land and property management services in Erskine, Renfrewshire.

Our website has been designed to make it easy for you to find out information about us, and to help you with your tenancy. We are always looking for, and finding, new ways to make things as simple as possible and to keep you informed.

Recent News

  • Garages for rent

    New Garages available for rent. 522 Holms Crescent 118 Douglas Crescent 566  Holms Avenue If you are interested, please contact Helen Goode on 0141 814 5152, or email

  • Board Members as of September 2019

    Bridgewater Housing Association Session 19/20 Composition of the Governing Board and its Sub Committees Following the AGM Dated 27 August Approved at the Board Meeting on 25 September 2019   OFFICE BEARERS OF THE BOARD Chair:                          A Morris Vice

  • Park Winding Reconstruction of Retaining Wall Meeting

    Below are a few documents regarding the meeting that took place on the 4th of September. The meeting was to discuss and take questions on the reconstruction of the retaining wall at park winding. Meeting Presentation Meeting Q&A Legal

  • Where to find us

    Staff & Board

    Chairman Alastair Morris
    Vice Chairman John Paterson
    Secretary Heather Stirling

    Board Members
    Angela Westrop
    Willie Robertson
    Rab McNally
    Frank Bradley
    Aileen Naismith
    Ken McIntosh
    Jim Sheridan
    Denise Love
    Suzanne Austin
    Steven Webster
    Craig McGarry

    Chief Executive
    Ian McLean
    Telephone: 0141-812-2237


    Office Administrator
    Lesley Hughes
    Telephone: 0141-814-5158

    Head of Housing & Customer Services
    Ruth Brogan
    Telephone: 0141-812-2237


    Housing Officer – North Barr
    Myra Buchanan
    Telephone: 0141-814-5162


    Housing Officer – Park Mains
    Mark Wilson
    Telephone: 0141-814-5164


    Housing Officer – Bargarran
    Megan McQuade
    Telephone: 0141-814-5163


    Clerical Assistant – Housing Applications/Waiting Lists, and Lockup/Garages
    Helen Goode
    Telephone: 0141-814-5168


    Welfare Rights Officer
    Kay Walker
    Telephone: 0141-812-2237

    Technical Services Manager
    Gary Stapleton
    Telephone: 0141-812-2237


    Property Maintenance Officer
    Brenda Gibson
    Telephone: 0141-814-5157


    Property Maintenance Assistant
    Lisa Crossan
    Telephone: 0141-814-5161


    Repairs Coordinator
    Lyndsey Louden
    Telephone: 0141-814-5159


    Factoring Officerr
    Tracy McDonald
    Telephone: 0141-814-5171


    Head of Finance
    Angie Kennedy
    Telephone: 0141-812-2237


    Finance Officer
    Alison Smeaton
    Telephone: 0141-814-5160


    Finance Assistant
    Nicola Paterson
    Telephone: 0141-814-5169


    Jenna Eastwood
    Telephone: 0141-812-2237

    Housing Support Coordinator
    Lorraine Kay
    Telephone: 0141-814-5168


    Housing Support Officer
    Ruby Robertson
    Telephone: 0141-812-3906


    Housing Support Officer
    Ann McGeachan
    Telephone: 0141-812-1708


    Housing Support Officer
    Pat Bell
    Telephone: 0141-812-1708


    Housing Support Assistant
    Janette Brown
    Telephone: 0141-812-3906

    No Current Vacancies, Sorry!


    Our website has been designed to give you an idea of what we do and the range of services we provide to our customers. You can use the links on the left hand side of this page to find out more about Bridgewater Housing Association and what we do.

    Our Mission: Bridgewater’s mission is to be a customer focused organisation, which delivers the best affordable housing and services to people that need them and makes a positive difference to the neighborhoods in which we work.

    Our purpose is delivered by:

    • Doing what matters most to our customers
    • Investing in homes and neighborhoods
    • Making our business stronger for the future

    The guiding principles we work by are:

    • Putting customers first
    • Getting it right first time
    • Working together and valuing each other
    • A positive “can do” approach

    Wider Role
    The Association believes that its role in Erskine is not simply about providing homes and related services.

    Erskine is a community and the Association believes that it has a pivotal role in supporting the community in any way it can, whilst not compromising its core objectives. Consequently the Association actively seeks and has been successful in receiving external funding for projects which:

    • Help vulnerable tenants sustain their tenancy.
    • Help tenants maximise their benefit entitlement.
    • Help people with learning disabilities to access employment.
    • Divert young people from anti social behaviour.
    • Help young people obtain employment experience.
    • Help older people access the right accommodation for them.
    • Help older people maintain their independence in their own home.

    The Core Housing Services that Bridgewater delivers are summarised as follows:

    • Housing Management Services, including Estate Management, Lettings and Resident Involvement, Tenant Participation and Rent Arrears Management.
    • Property Management including Planned and Responsive Repairs and Factoring.
    • Development of Social Housing including purpose built complexes for people with particular needs.

    Bridgewater Housing Association also engages in more diverse activities such as:

    • Providing Housing Support Services to Sheltered Tenants.
    • Providing Care and Repair Services to people who are older or have a disability.
    • Providing Financial Advice.
    • Providing Tenancy Support for vulnerable tenants.
    • Providing Management services to other organisations.
    • Providing tenancy support and welfare benefits advice through our Wider Role Programme.

    IT Services
    If you’re another Housing Association and you’re looking at our website and apps and thinking of building or improving your own, we can help.

    Bridgewater Housing Association’s experienced IT team are able to assist you with Website Development, App Development, Integrated Website Payments, General IT Audit and consultancy services, and much more.

    We’d be happy to help, and welcome you to get in touch today for a discussion.

    Bridgewater Housing Association is a “not for profit” charitable social enterprise which provides housing and services at an affordable price to people on low incomes.  We are a membership organisation and each member receives one share in the Association which allows them to participate in the running of the organisation.  Any “profits” which are made by the organisation are re-invested in the properties which we own and the services which we provide.

    The organisation is governed by a Board of Trustees who are volunteers and who are not paid.  They come from all walks of life but have one thing in common and that is that they either live in Erskine or have an interest in it.  Anyone who is a member of the Association can become a Director of the organisation and play a more involved part in the running of the Association.

    The origins of the Association, lie in the development of Government Housing Policy during the 1980s when it was decided that Scottish Homes should transfer all of its properties either to existing Housing Associations or to new ones.  Consequently in December 1997 tenants of Scottish Homes voted overwhelmingly in a ballot to transfer the ownership and management of their homes to Bridgewater Housing Association – a new organisation established by local people for this purpose.

    On 15 April 1998 some 946 homes and 499 lock up garages, together with the ownership of and responsibility for maintaining substantial areas of “common land” and other spaces was transferred to Bridgewater Housing Association.  All of the former Scottish Homes staff were transferred as well as their offices and other obligations and the Association became the Feu Superior to around 2400 owner occupiers and the Factor to a further 150 owners living in the flats.

    Today Bridgewater manages 851 social rented properties, together with 500 lock up garages and provides a factoring service to nearly 2700 owner occupiers, including looking after the equivalent of 40 full size football pitches in common environmental maintenance, as well as a management service to tenants of other organisations living out with Erskine.

    The Association provides a range of accommodation and services for families, single people, the elderly and disabled people.  We provide, under contract to Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire Council, the Care and Repair Service for both of these local authorities and we provide, under contract to Renfrewshire Council a Housing Support Service to 95 sheltered tenants.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association please contact our office or e-mail us to request a Membership Form.

    The Application form should be completed and returned along with £1. Your share application will be considered by the Board at their next Board meeting. If your application is approved by the Board you will immediately become a member and your name and address will appear in the Register of members. You will be issued with a certificate for one share of the Association.

    Who can become a member of the Association?

    Tenant’s of the Association or partners or adult children (18 or over) of tenants who reside with them, owner occupiers and the partners or adult children (18 or over) of such owner occupiers residing with them, or general individuals can become members of the Association.

    Click here to download an Application for Share Membership

    The Associations last Performance Inspection was in the year 2009/2010.

    The inspection was carried out by the Scottish Housing Regulator under section 69 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 on behalf of Scottish Ministers.  The purpose of the Inspection was to provide an independent external assessment of the effectiveness of housing service delivery, and make recommendations to help improvement.

    In carrying out the Inspection, the Scottish Housing Regulator asked two key questions of Bridgewater:

    • How good are the services being inspected?
    • How well are these services being managed for improvement?

    The Scottish Housing Regulator awarded the Association a B grade overall.  This represents a good performance.

    Overall the Regulator’s assessment is that Bridgewater has many strengths and some weaknesses.  The Association delivers accessible and good quality services, reports consistently high levels of tenant satisfaction and works with its customers to improve its services.  It has a good awareness of where it needs to improve, is making progress on developing its new corporate strategy and was very responsive to the regulator’s feedback during the inspection.

    The Association is pleased with the outcome of the inspection and has been working during the year to address the weaknesses in our corporate planning which the Regulator identified.

    Please click here to download performance inspection report for 2009-2010

    Public Holidays 2018/2019

    The Association will observe or has observed the following public holidays during 2018/2019.

    New Year
    1st January 2019 - 3rd January 2019
    19th April 2019 - 22nd April 2019
    May Day
    6th May 2019
    Spring Holiday
    24th May 2019 - 27th May 2019
    Glasgow Fair
    12th July 2019 - 15th July 2019
    September Weekend
    27th September 2019 - 30th September 2019
    25th December 2019 - 27th December 2019
    New Year
    1st January 2020 - 3rd January 2020


    * The office will be closed during Christmas and New Years on the following dates: 24th of Dec 2018 – 4th Jan 2019

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