Annual Assurance Statement

All Social landlords must submit an Annual Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator, providing assurance that their organisation complies with the relevant requirements of chapter 3 of the Regulatory Framework. This includes regulatory requirements that apply to all social landlords and the Standards of Governance and Financial Management that apply to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).

The Statement should be made and submitted by the RSL’s governing body, or the relevant local authority committee which has been delegated authority to complete the Statement.

Our 2023 Annual Assurance Statement (AAS) has been submitted to the Scottish Housing Regulator and is available from our website for tenants to download.

Our Voluntary Board receives further reports throughout the year about our compliance with the Regulator’s Governance Standards and would report any material change to the Regulator if required.

File Description File Size
Final Assurance Statement 2023 - Signed PDF icon 709KB