Report a Repair

How to Report a Repair

We’ve made it easy for you to report a repair. Using the selection boxes and icons on the right hand side, simply choose the category which most fits with your repair requirement and follow the steps to complete your report.

The repair reporting process

  1. Make a repair request using the tool on the right hand side
  2. Our repairs team will be notified of your repair request
  3. Your repair will be organised and you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date and time for a contractor to visit.

You can also call our office on 0141 812 2237 or email us on

One of our friendly staff will be able to assist you.

For details on how to report emergency repairs please click here.

For details on repairs and maintenance click here.

Customer Portal

Thank you for your interest in our customer portal. Whilst its not quite ready yet, our portal is coming soon. If you’d like to be involved in testing it out, please register your interest below.

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