Landscaping Programme

Most of the landscaped areas within the Association’s management areas have not been adopted by Renfrewshire Council. This means that they are owned by Bridgewater Housing Association and we have the responsibility for maintaining them. This entails a great deal of work and includes: 

  • Grass cutting 
  • The preparation of shrub beds 
  • Planting 
  • Trimming and pruning 
  • Weeding 
  • Litter collection 
  • Maintenance of trees and woodlands 
  • Repairing and replacing fencing 
  • Drainage repairs 

To give some sense of scale, Bridgewater is responsible for the maintenance of 57 acres of grass and shrub areas within the 4 areas as well as trees, woodland, hedges and hard landscape areas. 

If you have a query about who is responsible for a piece of land, we can check this for you.  If you feel standards are not being kept in any area, please contact the Association.