Membership and Board Recruitment

Bridgewater Housing Association members come from all walks of life, including tenants, owners and others who have an interest in housing or improving our local community.

Although Bridgewater’s services are delivered by staff and managed by a Voluntary Board, it is ultimately run by our members.  Our members are allowed to attend our Annual General Meeting every year where they can hear about the latest business of the Association and meet board members and staff, as well as be entered into annual prize draws.  Refreshments are always included, and very popular!  Members also have the opportunity to join the Board or Customer Panels to help influence the work and direction of the Association.

Membership will also provide an opportunity for members-only events where members will get the opportunity to meet staff and board members and have a chance to chat about what is important to them.

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Your lifelong membership is only £1.  

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association please contact our office or download the Membership Application Form.

Your membership application will be considered by the Board at their next Board meeting. If your application is approved by the Board you will immediately become a member and your name and address will appear in the Register of Members. You will be issued with a certificate for one share of the Association.

Who can become a member of the Association?

Tenants of the Association or partners or adult children (18 or over) of tenants who reside with them, owner occupiers, and the partners or adult children (18 or over) of such owner occupiers residing with them, or general individuals can become members of the Association.

Please see our share membership form at the bottom of the page.

We Need You – Become a Board Member!

Interested in becoming a Bridgewater HA Board Member?

At BHA, we believe in making a difference. We are passionate about our role in providing affordable homes where people can live their life to the fullest in a safe, comfortable, and attractive setting.

Now is an exciting time to join BHA as a board member as we are currently implementing our new Five-year Business Plan. We are keen to attract people who have an interest in improving the lives of our customers and the wider community, ensuring we are providing excellent services to our customers.  We are especially keen to increase the number of tenants on the Board and attract new members with finance, HR or Asset Management backgrounds.

There are so many reasons why joining our Board can be fulfilling both on a professional and personal level. Serving on our Board is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the leadership of a forward-thinking organisation whilst growing and developing your skills and knowledge for the housing sector.

As a board member, you’ll play a central role in ensuring that we pursue our ambitions and meet the expectations of key stakeholders, including our tenants, the Scottish Housing Regulator and our other customers.

What is the role of a Board Member at BHA?

It is the responsibility of the Board and the Leadership Team to ensure that BHA delivers the best possible services it can to its customers, existing and future. Alongside retaining and recruiting sufficiently skilled and knowledgeable staff at all levels throughout the organisation.

Board members are ambassadors, acting in the best interests of BHA at all times.

Key responsibilities of a Board Member

  • Work with the Board and Executive Team in setting the strategic vision, values, and culture for Bridgewater Housing Association.
  • Ensure effective oversight of delivery against the strategic plan, monitoring of customer satisfaction and overall value for money.
  • Ensure the necessary financial and other resources are in place to deliver the strategic outcomes and promote the long-term, sustainable success of the organisation.
  • Ensure good oversight of the governance arrangements.
  • Ensure effective risk management of BHA’s financial plan, activities and operations.
  • Ensure effective decision-making, actively contributing experience, insight, and skills to provide constructive challenge, debate and inform decision-making.
  • Fulfil the role of a charity trustee, complying with Bridgewater Housing Association’s Code of Conduct, Standing Orders, rules and other internal policies and procedures.

 Don't worry, full training will be provided to Board Members!

Time Commitment

We normally have eight Board Meetings per year which usually take place on a Wednesday evening approximately every six weeks from 5.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.  In addition to this, Board Members must join either the Finance and Corporate Services Sub-Committee or the Housing, Land, and Property Services Sub-Committee both of which usually meets on a quarterly basis. Sub-Committee Meetings are typically scheduled on Wednesdays at 5.30 p.m. 

We also hold Board Strategy Days once during the year. These are normally held in October/November each year.   

 Who will you be working with?

As a board member, you’ll be working closely with the other Board Members and our Leadership Team. 


Have a look at the Board Member Recruitment Pack below or please ask for a pack by calling 0141 812 2237 e-mailing or pop into the office.  If you want to have a chat about what it would involve, please call and ask for Lesley Carr.

More Information can be found in our governance policies found on our documents page.

If you are a tenant or factored owner you can apply for membership using the form on the MyBHA Customer Portal.