Paying Your Rent

There are several ways that you can pay your rent, the easiest methods are:

By logging on to your MyBHA Account at

By calling 0141 812 2237 and paying by card

By card or cash using your Allpay card at a Post Office or PayPoint

Other methods are detailed in our Ways to Pay leaflet

It’s important that you use a method that suits you best. That way you can keep to your arrangement and make sure that your payments are made regularly.

Housing benefit and other benefits

If your income is low, or your circumstances have changed (maybe through working fewer hours or giving up work) you may qualify for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.  Housing Benefit is run by Renfrewshire Council.  Universal Credit is run by DWP.

To apply for Housing Benefit, all you have to do is fill in a form and provide the documents that are asked for (such as pay slips). 

To apply for Universal Credit please visit and make an online application.

You can fill in a form at our office, or contact Renfrewshire Council directly at Private Sector Benefits, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley. Telephone: 0300 3000 204

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have a useful page with benefit calculators and links to information about benefits.  This can be found at

Universal Credit

If you receive Universal Credit, please speak to your Housing Officer right away.  Your Housing Officer’s contact details can be found on the front of this leaflet.  You must let us know your Universal Credit payment date, as you are likely to receive your Housing Costs on a different date than when your rent is due.  You may also request that DWP pay your housing costs (rent) direct to Bridgewater however you should also discuss this with your Housing Officer.


It can be difficult to talk about debt, however, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Our Housing Officers are here to help you get your payments back on track and offer you advice if you have other debts. If you choose to do nothing, you could end up losing your home

How we can help

We want to help you pay off your arrears and keep your home. Here’s how we’ll help you.

  • We have a firm but sensitive and nonthreatening approach
  • We take early action where arrears accrue
  • We aim for personal contact at an early stage
  • We respond quickly to missed payments
  • We maintain continuous personal contact with tenants throughout the arrears recovery process
  • We take a staged approach to managing the debt
  • We take account of your needs and circumstances
  • We make realistic repayment agreements based on your ability to pay
  • We take account of your particular needs
  • We work with other organisations that can help you, such as the Private Sector Benefits Team at Renfrewshire Council, and Money Advice
  • We refer tenants to agencies which can offer advice and support
  • We make use of all available remedies
  • We use eviction as a last resort

How you can help yourself

Paying your rent means that you are paying for the security of having a home. Not paying your rent means that you could end up in court, or worse, being evicted and losing your home.

The steps you have to take to avoid this are simple:

  • Arrange to meet your Housing Officer – in our office or in your home
  • Make an arrangement to pay off your rent arrears. This should be realistic so that you can make regular payments, such as every week or every month. You should pay as much as you can afford and make rent payments your priority
  • Commit to your arrangement and make it a priority to keep your payments up to date
  • If your circumstances change – for better or for worse – get in touch with your Housing Officer right away so you can make a new agreement
  • Don’t allow your arrears to increase

Dont Ignore arrears!

If you ignore our letters and visits and don’t make an effort to clear your arrears, we will likely take you to court. This could mean that we ask the Sheriff for a decree to repossess your home, making you and your family homeless. This can be avoided. No matter how worried you are about your arrears or other debts, it’s always best to talk things through with your Housing Officer.

Maximising your income

There are organisations that you can speak to who can give advice and support to try and organise your income:

Renfrewshire Bureau
7 Glasgow Road
Tel: 0141 889 2121

Citizen Advice can offer you a full benefit check to make sure that you are receiving the benefits you are entitled to. Citizens Advice can also

  • Help with complicated claim forms and letters
  • Help to pursue benefit backdates
  • Represent you at appeals hearings

Energy advice and support

We are working with the Wise Group Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT). If you are finding it difficult to pay your utility bills and need energy advice and support we can make a referral to HEAT. Please speak to your Housing Officer and contact us on 0141 812 2237 or email

Dealing with debt

If you require help with debt you can access help from 

Advice Works
Johnstone Town Hall,
25 Church Street,
Tel: 0300 300 1238