Rechargeable Repairs

In certain circumstances we may have to carry out repairs on your behalf or meet other costs, which are not the responsibility of the landlord. These costs will be passed on to the tenant and may include:

  • Emergency repairs which are your responsibility, e.g. lost keys, power loss due to defective appliances.
  • Where you fail to carry out work which causes nuisance to other residents, for example an overgrown garden. (This work will only be carried out when you have been given an adequate opportunity to carry out the work. You will also be given reasonable notice that the work is about to be carried out with the charge being passed to you.)
  • Where you fail to give access for a repair, when a firm arrangement has been made, and a cost is passed to the Association.
  • Where call outs are made for non emergency repairs.
  • Where you call out an emergency contractor and fail to provide access.
  • Where we have to force entry to carry out statutory repairs, e.g. gas fire/central heating servicing (Only after reasonable opportunity has been given to you to allow access).

In all other cases where we carry out work that is your responsibility, the estimated cost of the repair must be paid in full prior to the work being instructed. We will not normally carry out work of this nature except in special circumstances.

Malicious damage, e.g. broken windows, attempted break-ins etc, should be reported to the Police and a crime reference number obtained. We need this information to process any subsequent insurance claim. Failure to follow this procedure could result in you being charged for the remedial works.